Privalova Jeļena

ELENA PRIVALOVA studied the piano and musicology in Orenburg Music school No. 3 and Orenburg Musical College. E. Privalova entered the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in 2001 and studied in two specialities: the organ (class of prof. Guraeva-Vedernikova) and musicology. She attended the classes of Alexei Shevchenko, Russia’s leading organist and docent at the Faculty of Historic and Contemporary Instruments, from 2011 to 2013. 

The organist has attended master classes of Europe’s leading organists: S. Cherepanov (Lübeck), A. Gast (Lübeck), W. Zerer (Hamburg), P. Dirksen (The Netherlands), H. Fagius (Switzerland). In 2013 she participated at the Summer Academy Türingische Orgelakademie 2013 in Altenburg under the supervision of prof. L. Lohmann, prof. M. Radulescu and prof. F. Friedrich. She has performed solo concerts in Russia, Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, as well as cooperated with the Philharmonic Choral Capella Yaroslavia, the Baroque Capella Golden Age, the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin from Moscow and Antonio-orchestra. 

Elena Privalova is the founder and artistic director of the annual Summer concert series “Organ Evenings in Kuskovo” (Moscow, Russia) since 2010.