Visitor Information

Riga Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Latvia Evangelical Lutheran Church and a significant symbol of Latvia spiritual life.

Historically, Riga Cathedral was the main bishop's church of Livonia right until 1561 when Livonia collapsed. It is the biggest medieval church and one of the oldest religious buildings in Latvia and in the whole Baltic region. It combines features from Romanesque, early Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods of architecture.Nowadays, Riga Cathedral is home to Riga Cathedral community. It also serves Latvia Evangelical Lutheran church and is the main venue of Latvia ecumenical worship services. It is also one of the busiest Riga music venues and stores a whole wealth of historical, architectural, cultural and artistic treasures from different centuries.


Despite the fact that Riga Cathedral is an old historical building, we make efforts that it is accessible to people with special needs. Currently, the Cathedral is accessible to people with special needs accompanied by an assistant. 

Unfortunately, to enter the Cathedral with a wheelchair, you may have to wait up to ~15 minutes. We apologise for any inconvenience.